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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this scenario: “Do you have to be guilty of an error or omission
to be brought into litigation?”

James Frazier, CPCU

Program Insurance Founder and CEO

The answer is no. Around 90% of professionals disagree with this answer until they learn that, during the last seven years, 9 out of 10 of the policyholders who were brought into litigation did not make an error or fail to perform up to professional or expected standards. In all cases, Program Insurance provided defense for those who were innocent of errors or omissions, and we paid losses for damages where our policyholders actually did make mistakes resulting in financial harm.

Currently, about 70% of professional businesses are not covered by an E&O policy. For the sake of sustainability, this must change. At Program Insurance, we boast a 94% internal quote-to-close rate alongside a 99.7% retention rate. This means that not only do potential policyholders like what we have to offer and choose us over other companies, but current policyholders trust us so strongly with their coverage that they choose to stay with us year after year.

What is an error?

An error is generally considered an unintentional mistake made by a professional or someone who is held to higher standards.

What is an omission?

An omission is generally defined as a professional failing to perform up to professional standards or expectations.

Why choose Program Insurance for E&O Insurance?

It is important to know that there are exclusions in every E&O insurance policy. However, there are other languages within your E&O policy that are more dangerous than exclusions. We at Program Insurance review your current coverage to ensure it truly meets your needs, and our custom-tailored policies can provide you with the protection needed in the event that your service resulted in any actual or alleged financial loss for your client.

What is Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage?

A Cyber Liability & Protection policy will cover your business’s liability in the event of a data breach or other cyber threat. In today’s interconnected digital world, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the private information of your company and the personal information of your clients remain secure.

We offer two different types of cyber liability coverage, each of which protects the policyholder in different but significant ways:

First-Party Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage:
If your business experiences a data breach, information theft, denial of service attack, electrical power surge, system failure, virus or simple human technological error, a first-party cyber liability and protection policy will help you address the issue, mitigate the damage and recover your business. The benefits of filing a claim on your first-party cyber liability and protection policy could include the funds necessary for notifying clients that their information was compromised or exposed, purchasing software or services to fix the damage caused by the breach, protecting your business from a lawsuit brought by your affected clients, and more.

Third-Party Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage:
If your business is responsible for keeping information secure, giving IT advice or providing digital services, you’ll want this coverage in addition to your first-party cyber liability and protection policy. Despite your best efforts, your product, service or advice may not save someone else from one of the many scenarios listed above in our first-party cyber liability and protection policy. If a cyber claim arises, the firm or affected party’s attorney can name anyone involved with the issue in a lawsuit, even third parties with no direct contact. In this case, a third-party cyber liability and protection policy would protect your business from claims of breach of privacy, disclosure or theft of confidential data, transmission of malicious content, failure to anticipate or prevent a virus or attack, and even defamation or slander.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance coverage protects you, your employees and your business from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.

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