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It’s time for a serious talk about hackers, malware and whether your company is protected against cyberattacks.

I have met many potential clients who have ignored this very real threat. Smaller companies think they have nothing to fear, because they don’t collect the kind of data hackers exploit.

These folks suffer from what I call “The Ostridge Syndrome.” They refuse to face reality and fail to realize that hackers prey on smaller companies as a means to access larger outfits.

Studies show that 65 percent of all companies have been hacked. I expect 2019 will be the worst year yet for cybercrime.

Cybercriminals will try to breach your company’s firewall, access your server and send emails to your larger clients. The hacker is not after you, they want backdoor access to infect your larger clients with malware.

Hackers know that smaller companies don’t’ see themselves as being at risk to attack. They use that outdated attitude against you. Don’t be lulled into a sense of false security. Be aware of the risks. Address the threat.

Program Insurance offers a multi-layered level of protection against cyberattack. Our policies protect you from federal investigation and fines that can arise if you fail to follow the correct hacking protocols.

Our policies provide protection from third-party transference of malware. That means you’re covered if a hacker uses your server to access and damage a larger target.

Finally, our Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage protects you from financial loss if a cyberattack causes you to lose customers or your business.

Don’t ignore the danger. Don’t fall victim to The Ostridge Syndrome.

Your Squared Away Tip of the Day: How to Avoid the Cyber Snare

Cyberattacks Hit 65 Percent of all Companies 

This year will likely be the worst for cyberattacks on small and large companies.

In fact, third-party transference of malware has become the number one liability claim against small companies.

Although most of us have heard stories about hackers attacking large companies like Sony, we forget that cybercriminals often focus on smaller, more vulnerable firms. Once inside a smaller company, the hackers wait — often up to nine months — before they use your server to send out malware infected emails to your larger clients.

If that happens, you could be exposed to millions in damages.

Don’t fall into this “cyber snare.” Don’t think that just because you are a small to medium-sized firm that you are free from danger.

Nearly 90 percent of our policy holders with a million dollars in revenue have purchased our Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage.  These larger companies understand the threat. They have taken the time to review their policies. They are prepared.

Are you?

Let’s have a conversation about how Program Insurance can protect your company, assets and reputation from the very real dangers of hackers, cyberattacks and malware litigation.