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Over the past year, I have seen a record number of companies vanish and surrender their dreams. The fault had nothing to do with the economy or bad luck. It was really about attitude, confidence and a lack of big ideas and bold plans.

From my experience, companies fail because they think small. They don’t offer customers great things or opportunities. Instead, they tell clients what they can’t provide, what they can’t do.

As we move into a new year, look at what you believe in and what you project. Take stock of what you communicate to prospects and clients, and the plans you have for your company. Do they project big or small ideas?

If you think small, you act small, and if you act small, you come across as tiny and not capable of tackling anything outside the comfort zone. That won’t win you clients. In fact, it will might cause those you work with to look for more dynamic options with companies that project bigness.

Let 2019 be the year of doing big things. Take that firsts big step by  seeing how Program Insurance can bring big, dynamic ideas to your company.

The experts at Program Insurance always think big. We can help you do the same.

At Program Insurance we never stand still. We will bring dynamic ideas to the firms we assist.  We custom design our policies according to the specific services that you offer.

Learn more about the dangers of the status quo in my video below.


Here’s a fast tale of two clients. Both are one shop operators. One is in California, the other Colorado. At a fast glance, they don’t seem too different. Yet the California operator has closed shop after 20 years, while the Colorado firm has seen his business expand 30 percent. Was it magic, or was it luck? No. It was thinking big verses thinking small. My California friend was a small thinker. He just wanted to survive, not thrive. And in the end, that tiny vision led to ruin.

Decline does not happen in a flash. Collapse is a gradual slog that is often linked to one’s vision, attitude and presentation. Think small, and small things will happen. Think big and big things will come your way. That’s the true story of the Colorado operator. This client has seen his business grow from $800,000 to over $1.1 million in just over one year.

The Colorado operator came to Program Insurance for help. He was open to big ideas. And his willingness to go big paid off.

Like it or not, your attitude and plans will always be challenged by clients in search of greatness. So, don’t come across as tiny and low. If you do that, you will always lose.

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