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Inspiration, clarity, and that magic moment when a new idea – in business or your personal life — breaks through the clutter and reveals a new and better direction.

We’ve all experienced these flashes of insight.

I call these experiences “The Aha Moment.” They are vital in life and in business.

The speed of our lives can prevent us from seeing solutions — and hazards — that hide in plain sight. What’s true in life is also true with your business and your company’s insurance needs.

My goal is help you see what is not always seen; to reveal paths and ideas that help your business thrive, but also point out potential liability hazards that can lurk in plain sights

The experts at Program Insurance can do this by examining your needs and tailoring specific plans that provide three pillars of sustainability: General Liability, E&O and Cyber Protection.

Mass audience-styled policies might sound good, but they always leave gaps in coverage, especially when it comes to cyber protection. These unnoticed gaps can expose companies to malware, hackers and damaging litigation.

Most business operators have no idea about these not-so-hidden exposures. But everyone I have worked with undergoes an “aha moment” when our experts reveal these coverage gaps.

Many of the smaller companies we work with are engaged with large banks or law firms.  These larger firms have extensive, well-protected firewalls. That’s why hackers like to prey on smaller companies with malware. A hacker will usually breech a small company’s firewall as a means to access the larger firm’s systems.

These smaller companies will face costly litigation if hackers or malware damages any of the large firms these smaller outfits deal with.

Fact is, you don’t know what you can’t see, even when it’s in plain sight.

Fortunately, the experts at Program Insurance know where to look. We can reveal cyber threats, protect your bottom line and sustain your business.

At Program Insurance we never stand still. We will bring dynamic ideas to the firms we assist.  We custom design our policies according to the specific services that you offer.

Learn more about that “aha moment” in my video below.



Deal of the year: A $1 million protection plan for just $400

Many business operators think they can get by with a standard, one-size-fits-all general liability policy.

But the threat of litigation can lurk around nearly every corner of your business.

That’s why we created a special general liability policy that provides $1 million in coverage for just $400 a year.

This policy helped rescue a client who faced a slander suit from a competitor.

A dispute arose after my client successfully outbid a competitor for a new CPA contract. The competitor claimed foul and accused my client of lying about the competitor’s fees.

While the claims were false, my client avoided liability, as well as hefty fees, because they had the foresight to include our $1 million policy to their general liability package.

Imagine the expense, stress and potential financial loss that can arise from a bogus lawsuit. Now think about how that worry can be put to rest for just $400.

Let’s have a conversation about how Program Insurance can protect your company.