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Not long ago, a client explained how my frequent recommendations to bring dynamic thinking and energy to his practice, brought him new customers and success. He explained that had I not shared the power of dynamic change, his company would have ended up in what he called, “The Elephant Boneyard.”

Fear of change has no place in today’s fast-changing business landscape. The same old path won’t cut it any longer.

I have seen how a lack of dynamic thinking and initiative has crippled several high-level appraisal firms.

Here is proof.

I work with three different appraisal firms, all located in major metropolitan areas. Two of these firms watched their annual revenues decline by 30 to 40 percent in the last year or so. The third appraisal firm saw revenue skyrocket by 40 percent.

What happened?

Simple. The first two firms clung to the familiar, while the third company turned to dynamic changes in their professional services and marketing plans.

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