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man-writing-notesIf you are in the field of business management consulting or strategic planning consulting, then you know that plenty can go wrong over the course of an engagement. Whether you actually make an error in judgment or things go amiss due to events beyond your control, you’re at risk of a lawsuit if your client isn’t happy.

Errors and omissions (E&O) coverage is one way you can protect your business against the high cost of litigation, but many consultants don’t realize that their coverage is only effective if it is tailored to cover their specific services. Unfortunately, the commoditization of the insurance industry has resulted in policies that are very narrow in coverage. As a result, more times than I can count, I’ve seen E&O policies that do not cover a single activity of a consulting firm! 

At Program Insurance, we have the flexibility to make subtle changes to each policy in order to cover the unique professional services of your practice. This allows us to provide a level of certainty of coverage that does not exist in the wider E&O marketplace while not expanding the intent of coverage.

Find out more and Be In the Know of how you can better protect your practice in the video below. 


Program Insurance specializes in your industry so we have the know-how to ensure you have the right coverage for your business. If you would like to see how Program Insurance can help you improve the sustainability of your practice, let us know.