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A prospect recently showed me their Errors and Omissions policy, and what I discovered in it was shocking. This Business Valuation / M&A firm had limiting language in its coverage that exposed the practice to great risk. Namely, the policy had a clause stating that it became null and void for any transaction where the company sales price might exceed 5 million dollars.
Well, this firm routinely engaged in company transactions with sales prices from 20 to 25 million dollars. As a result, their expensive insurance policy from a well-known carrier had a gaping hole in its coverage.
What good is a policy if it doesn’t cover what you do? A lot of times exposure comes not from failure to place coverage; it’s that the policy doesn’t cover a claim.

This type of vulnerability is all too common these days. I can’t stress enough the importance for business owners to read their E&O policies to see if they cover the activities they are doing on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be happy to help you examine your current policy to see if it is up to snuff.  

As if this coverage gap wasn’t bad enough, I found another gaping hole in the firm’s E&O policy. Find out more and Be In the Know of how you can better protect your practice in the video below.



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