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At Program Insurance, we are passionate about helping business owners improve the sustainability of their practices and to help you “Be In The Know” of all the ways you can reduce your business risks and liability exposures. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are 400% more productive than they were in 1950. This vastly increased workload drains our mental capacity, increases stress and dulls our cognitive abilities. Add all this together, and you have the perfect cocktail for making costly mistakes. Simple, everyday errors can span tripping over wires, failure to file documents, sharing private information publicly, to miscalculations.

As a matter of fact, we had a policyholder this past year that made a mistake that caused quite an uproar in his business valuation company. The remarkable part of the error was that it was the simple act of sending an email that exposed his company to litigation. 

Find out more and Be In The Know of how you can protect your practice from everyday activities with my video below.

Program Insurance specializes in your industry. We make sure you have the right coverage for you and your business. If you would like to see how Program Insurance can help you improve the sustainability of your practice, let us know.