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mountainOur policy holders enjoy our decades of experience in E&O Insurance, Cyber Liability and General Liability Insurance, as well as the stability in our coverage and premiums. We are such an anomaly that clients don’t even believe we are for real.

We have a client in Seattle who runs a Business Valuation company. In 7 years he had 5 different brokers with 5 different insurance companies. He kept getting dropped by the brokers since the insurance companies discontinued coverage of his profession. We provided him with our specialized policy for his firm and I said, “We’ll reconnect when it’s time to renew your policy next year.” Without missing a beat he replied, “We’ll see about that. I doubt it.” The following year we renewed his policy and he didn’t say anything. When we renewed his coverage for the third year without changing his insurer or premium, he admitted “You proved me wrong!” He has been our client for 5 years now and still going strong.

Our results say it better than we can. 94% of people who come to us for help become our policyholders, and 99% remain our policyholders for many years. We take pride in giving you the right insurance. What’s more, we are advocates for your success.

Squared Away with Jim Frazier

What sets Program Insurance apart from the commoditized field of insurance brokers is that we take the time to get to know what makes your practice unique so that we can custom tailor a policy that covers your firm’s specific risk factors. We put our policy holders first and take pride in offering the right coverage at the right price.