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diceAn astonishing 70% of professionals in the financial analytical space run without any E&O Insurance. Most often, this is not because they don’t want coverage, but because it is extremely difficult for them to find a cost effective policy that meets their specific needs. A perfect example of this was a M&A firm that came to us with two offices on the east coast. They had been uninsured for years because they never found a broker that understood their business enough to put together a policy that uniquely covered them. They were so relieved to find us and to go from being uninsured to being covered for $2 million towards the sustainability of their practice.

At Program Insurance we provide Professional Liability Insurance that is tailor-made to fit your firm’s needs. We don’t deal in mass produced products. We are specialists and have intimate knowledge of your field, so we cover your practice to a T.

We understand what you do, so we know how to protect you. Moreover, we care about your business success and long term viability. The proof is that we have the unheard of record of not having cancelled anyone in 9 years!

Don’t leave yourself or your practice vulnerable any longer when we have already created a cost effective solution for you.