Infinite Solutions for Any Company from Three Staples of Sustainability

  • Businesses Without E&O Insurance 70%
  • Our Internal Quote-to-Close Rate 94%
  • Our Policyholder Retention Rate 99.7%

As a business owner, you know it’s important for your business to remain financially viable and self-sustaining. However, as the owner of a financial, analytical or consulting practice, you know too well that it’s not always easy to find insurance coverage that you can trust to meet your unique needs.

That’s where Program Insurance comes in. We don’t just find the best solution — we create that solution specifically for you. As experts with extensive experience in E&O Insurance, Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage and General Liability Insurance, we offer infinite solutions through our custom-tailored policies, each of which are specialized and affordably priced to meet the unique needs of our policyholders.

We are advocates of your success because we know that the sustainability of your professional firm is vital to the sustainability of the financial market. When business thrives, communities thrive — and so do you.

Consider this scenario: “Do you have to be guilty of an error or omission to be brought into litigation?”

James Frazier, CPCU

Program Insurance Founder and CEO


Customized Coverage

Our online application makes the process simple, fast and painless. Rather than forcing an any-business, one-size-fits-all policy to cover your insurance requirements, you will receive a custom-tailored policy designed by our experts to meet the specific needs of your firm or practice.


Policyholder-First Approach

We take the stress out of the insurance process through our zealous pursuit of creating the very best solution for you. Join the long list of policyholders who enjoy our consistent, professional, world-class service, and we guarantee you’ll never look back.


Affordable Protection

We design the policy language, the underwriting and the pricing system, then issue our policies utilizing our long-term relationship with Lloyd’s of London, a major factor in the global economy for over 400 years. That is a strong model of sustainability. Our expertise in underwriting and policy design is combined with the financial strength of Lloyd’s to give each of our policyholders uniquely designed protection at a highly competitive and consistent premium.


Experience and Stability

Our policyholders enjoy our decades of experience in E&O Insurance, Cyber Liability & Protection Coverage and General Liability Insurance, as well as the stability in our coverage and premiums. Our results say it better than we can: 90 out of 100 people who come to us for help become our policyholders, and 99 out of 100 remain our policyholders for many years.

You've worked hard to build your business.
We'll work hard to protect it.

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